Bling, Bling, Baby!!!

This is your chance to go wild!!!!!!  Let’s make this amazing. Come in and create a one of a kind!





406778_567047179981867_1361243377_n The dresses! The shoes! Your DATE! Oo-la-la!

What a festive time of year! Here’s what to expect from this season:

For the first time in Franklin Flower history, we have given a select number of schools in our area the chance to participate in our  PROM CHALLENGE!! If your student body has 100 orders to us by one week prior to your prom date, we will provide a personalized  centerpiece for your prom! We will know soon which schools have chosen to participate!

We have some great new concepts for boutonnieres! Guys get ready, your date won’t be the only great looking one there.

As always, we invite you to check out our keepsake wristlets. When the flowers are just a memory, you’ll have a wonderful bracelet wear everyday!

Come by or call soon to place your order!



What to expect this year!

Can you believe it? 2 more days left until OPEN HOUSE!
We’re very excited to showcase some new ideas and a studio for Seeds from the Son!

Make plans to attend. Here are some things you can expect:

  • 40% OFF Holiday Merchandise (50% off with your donation to Seeds from the Son)
  • Enter to win 1 hour of FREE HOME DECORATING!
  • Enter to win a FREE TICKET to our first How-To class for Seeds from the Son
  • Complimentary hot dogs, snacks and drinks
  • A wonderful musical guest

 Don’t be surprised if we have a few tricks up our sleeve as well!!!!


Open House Music-James Scott

James Scott is a solo finger-style steel string guitarist. His love of the guitar began at the age of 13 and truly began to take hold after studying with guitarist Stan Lassiter. That is when he saw the true potential of the instrument, the sonic and emotional depth the instrument had to offer. “My Dad played an interesting role in my musical life as well.” “He’s had this uncanny ability to steer me in directions that have ultimately led me to being the musician I am today.” My Dad is the one that turned me onto Stan Lassiter as well as Windham Hill Records, which is the label that gave the world Alex DeGrassi, Michael Hedges and Will Ackerman, some of my biggest influencs as being a Composer for the guitar.”

No Peeking!

We’d love for you to come in, but it’s becoming a maze of trees and garland!!!
Kris Kringle himself would probably cover his eyes!

It’s going to be great but we’re asking everyone to be please hold off on coming to browse.
It’s not ready yet!!!

Haunted Open House?

It’s a g-g-g-g-g-g-GHOST!!!

The flower shop was built on the battlefield of Franklin so you’d think we’d have seen our share of ghostly shadows…..but these little guys are the closest we’ve come to seeing anything spooky!

Open House isn’t just for Christmas! We don’t want to forget about fall and that means HALLOWEEN! These floating ghouls are just part of the fun we have in store for our gourmet room!! Just wait and see!

Open House 2012

We’re pulling out all the stops!

Join us
Friday, October 5, 2012
4:30 PM- 9:00 PM

Yes, we’re still offering our 40% off all holiday merchandise but this year,
we’re really making it worth your while!

With a $25 donation to Seeds from the Son,
you can take advantage of
50% off holiday merchandise
20% everyday merchandise

25% off ribbon
You do NOT want to miss this year!!

Seeds from the Son partners with organizations providing resources for communities in Africa to maintain food gardens and builder healthier, more prosperous families. Our OTHER goal is to enstill inspirational messages to OUR community by offering “how  to” classes;  available in the coming months. Proceeds with benefit benefit the cause.
It’s a great evening to share with close friends or come to make new friends!

Learn more at Open House!!!